“My order of soaps arrived today and as usual they are fantastic. You always give great service, so efficient & friendly and your products are such high quality. Just wanted to say thx, you’re great!”

“Just a quick message to say thank you!  Your service was helpful and extremely prompt (the soap was received yesterday), and your product looks great.  I tried the Lavender Flower soap this morning and was very impressed.  Next on the “to try” list will be the Neem soap – it is hard to find this type of soap.  You have a great a day – from one very happy customer.”

“We have stocked soaps from The Speciality Soap Shoppe for the last four years. Most people to buy the soaps become regular purchasers, to the point where we now have a number of customers who return specifically to buy soaps.”

“I will not be using any other soap other than Goat’s Milk. I now understand why the Egyptians bathed in it.”


“Since using your soap my skin has improved greatly to the point where I no longer need to see my skin specialist (saving me $$$’s). The only outbreak I’ve had on my skin was when I had to use a commercially-bought soap for a few days. I find the soap lasts longer than other handmade soaps I’ve used, lathers up great, and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. Thank you for your soap – it’s wonderful and I highly recommend it.”

“This will be my third order of your homemade soap that I have purchased. I noticed right from the first bar of soap what a soothing effect it had on my whole body. I have also found the goats milk and lavender soap makes those annoying itchy places on my arms and legs to disappear. Thank you so much.”

“I cannot speak highly enough of your Goatsmilk and honey soap. I have suffered with eczema, sensitive and very dry skin all through my life.   So you can imagine how pleased I was when I tried your soap.   It is so gentle and moisturising and leaves the skin feeling very soft after using it. I highly recommend your soaps.”

“I have psoriasis in my early 30th that’s when I start looking after my skin and read the benefit of using oatmeal, honey and goats milk soap. I try your soap and wow it does feel different! My skin or our family skin no longer very dry. Things that those big companies use for their ingredients isn’t really helping people to have healthy skin. I love your soaps, now we stop using commercial soaps and stick to natural soap. Thanks again for your help. “

“My husband has psoriasis and I have dermatitis and itchy, dry allergic skin. We have to be careful with soaps as most leave us itchy all over. I decided to try the Goat’s Milk & Oatmeal myself. WOW what a gorgeous soap that is, it is total elegance. It soothes and calms and feels wonderful on the skin. I was so relieved to find that after use I was not itchy. I use this soap on my hair also as I have a very dry, itchy scalp. It has reduced the itchiness no end. Also my skin as a whole feels less dry. My husband is also very pleased with the results too, saying his psoriasis feels less dry also.”

“We have no hesitation in recommending The Speciality Soap Shoppe to those licensees who are looking for an additional product which will provide steady sales and help to grow your customer base.”

“In our experience, the proprietors of The Speciality Soap Shoppe go out of their way to ensure we have top quality product at a fair price.”

“I can’t wait to get to market to share these wonderful Goat’s Milk soaps with everyone else. I believe these to be the flagship of your range. I cannot sing their praises highly enough and have been recommending them to all and sundry, whether they have skin conditions or not.”