Minimum Order Quantities

Customised Labels
Minimum Order is 21 of each variety

Wholesale Orders

100g Soaps
Minimum order is 20
Minimum of 5 per variety

Shopping cart will automatically update soap pricing according to quantities ordered.

Guest Soaps
50g (pack 192)
25g (pack 96)

Guest soaps are wrapped in pack quantities, not individually wrapped or labelled, 1 single variety per pack

Half Logs uncut – $59 each/minimum quantity 2
Full Logs uncut – $99 each

Wholesale Soap Prices

100g Soaps Price per Soap
20 - 49 $5.74 (+ GST)
50 - 99 $4.49 (+ GST)
100 - 199 $3.24 (+ GST)
200 - 399 $2.99 (+ GST)
400 - 599 $2.74 (+ GST)
600+ $2.49 (+ GST)
Guest Soaps Price per Pack
25g pack 192 $178.56 (+ GST)
50g Pack 96 $172.32 (+ GST)
Off-Cuts Price per Pack
4kg $15.50/kg $62 (+ GST)
8kg $12.50/kg $100 (+ GST)
12kg $10.50/kg $126 (+ GST)
15kg $9.50/kg $142.50 (+ GST)
Logs Price per Pack
Half Log $59 (+ GST)
Full Log $99 (+ GST)
Other Price
Custom Labels 15 cents (+ GST)
Label Set Up $50 (+ GST)

Customised Labels

Minimum: 21 per variety

Initial Setup Fee: $50.00 (+ GST)

Label Charge: 15 cents per label (+ GST)

Setup and ordering of customised labels is finalised at checkout, labelling only available for 100g soaps


Assorted Varieties

Off Cuts

Assorted varieties of soap off-cuts. Soap off-cuts are assorted sizes but mostly the size of a cake of soap 58mm x 80mm but thinner, ranging from approx. 5mm to 12mm. There is roughly 25 or so pieces per kg.

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Assorted Varieties

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Off Cut Sizes

4kg Pack ($15.50/kg), 8kg Pack ($12.50/kg), 12kg Pack ($10.50/kg), 15kg Pack ($9.50/kg)

Soap Seconds

Assorted Varieties

Soap Seconds

Assorted varieties of soap seconds. Soap seconds are 100g soaps and can be an assortment of clearance soaps, dinted, damaged or reject soaps, discoloured or too much colour or production error. Generally soaps are just seconds in appearance but still great to use. 10 soaps per kg. Seconds may be wrapped however the wrapping may be damaged, and some may be unwrapped.



Assorted Varieties

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4kg Pack, 8kg Pack, 12kg Pack

Soap Off-Cut Curls

Soap Off-cut Curls

Assorted varieties of beautiful curled offcuts. Offcut curls are between 50 and 150g each, and are the trimmings off the tops of our soap logs.  They are still beautiful quality soap and perfect to use.  AND more fun than a plain rectangular bar!

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Soap Off-cut Curls Sizes

8kg Pack ($9.50/kg)